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Skate Dance Dream™ - A Figure Skating and Dance Show That Makes Dreams Come True


Skate Dance Dream™

Skate Dance Dream™

Photo Courtesy Skate Dance Dream™

Figure Skaters and Dancers Get to Perform With the Stars:

Skate Dance Dream™ gives young figure skaters and dancers of all levels an opportunity to perform with figure skating's and dance's accomplished stars.

The company's dream is to help inspire figure skaters and dancers everywhere. Through shows children are given an opportunity to perform with and learn from elite figure skaters and from Fox’s “SYTYCD” Finalists dancers.

History of the Show:

Parker Pennington is an elite figure skater. He first produced "Skate For Life," a benefit show that supported the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

"Skate for Life" was the inspiration behind Skate Dance Dream™. Parker wanted to provide an opportunity for young figure skaters and dancers to meet famous skaters and dancers, and also perform with them in a professional show. He wished to help children's dreams come true.

Olympic Figure Skating Champion, Scott Hamilton, also influenced Pennington. Parker was invited to perform in "Hamilton and Friends." Getting a chance to perform with one of the skating greats that he had always looked up to was a dream come true for Parker. He realized he would never forget that memory. He wanted to give other young skaters that same chance. Parker Pennington decided to create a show that gave children of every background and ability the chance to perform alongside their skating and dance heroes. He wanted them to remember that experience for the rest of their lives.

About Parker Pennington:

Parker Pennington has quite a competitive record. He won every U.S. national event at each level in Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice and Junior. All he had left to win was a Senior National title. Pennington competed in several international figure skating events.

Pennington teaches figure skating and also gives skating seminars and does choreography. In addition, he designs skating costumes and performs.

Gives Every Skater Show Experience:

Figure skating is not just about competitive skating, it's also about performing. It was common in the past for ice skaters to participate in club or rink shows. Those shows were sometimes very elaborate productions. Skaters of today don't always get a chance to participate in ice shows, so Skate Dance Dream™ makes it possible for every skater to get that chance. Not only do participants get to skate and dance with the stars, but they get to perform under professional spotlights.

In addition, Skate Dance Dream™, can help figure skaters who may be interested in auditioning and preparing for professional ice shows such as Disney on Ice gain experience.


The cost of participation in Skate Dance Dream™ is reasonably priced so that all children can participate.

Costumes, Props, Stage, and Lights:

The Skate Dance Dream™ company has a huge assortment of costumes that they bring to the shows for participants to use. They also bring props. The performance is done with lights and also a stage is set up on the ice for the dancers.

How to Bring Skate Dance Dream™ to Your Ice Arena:

If a figure skating club or dance studio is selected to partner with Skate Dance Dream™, the benefits might include media coverage through television, radio, newspaper, and social media platforms.

To inquire about Skate Dance Dream™'s partnering programs, email Skate Dance Dream™ and include "Partner with SDD" in the subject line. The email should include the reasons why your community should host Skate Dance Dream™.

Stars Give Back and Inspire:

The Stars of Skate Dance Dream™ take on a mentorship role. They guide and encourage young figure skaters and dancers, and they help them work towards their dreams. They also give the skaters and dancers feedback. The stars of the show hope to inspire.

Some of the stars of the show include:

  • Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giulietti-Schmitt - 2012 U.S. National Pewter Dance Medalists and Junior World Team Members and Competitors
  • Ross Miner - 2012 and 2011 US Men's Figure Skating Bronze Medalist and World Team Member and Competitor
  • Richard Dornbush - 2011 U.S. National Men's Figure Skating Silver Medalist and World Team Member
  • Sean Rabbitt - US Senior Men's National Figure Skating Competitor

More About Skate Dance Dream™:

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