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Holiday on Ice - One of the World's Most Famous Ice Skating Shows


Holiday on Ice

Holiday on Ice

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One of the Most Famous Ice Skating Shows:

Holiday on Ice is one of the major ice skating shows in the world. For many years, ice skating fans went to see Ice Capades, Ice Follies, and also Holiday on Ice. Ice Capades and Ice Follies no longer exist, but Holiday on Ice lives on.

Holiday on Ice History:

The Holiday on Ice show began in 1943 in the United States. The first show opened in Toledo, Ohio. The name Holiday on Ice was chosen because the first show in Toledo took place during the Christmas holidays.

Originally, the Holiday on Ice shows were family oriented, but in recent years, there are some shows that focus on musical and theatrical themes that may not be of interest to children.  .

Ice Anywhere:

Portable ice rinks are a unique feature of the traveling Holiday on Ice shows. In fact, the idea of Holiday on Ice came because an engineer and builder from Toledo, Ohio, named Emery Gilbert, created a portable ice rink. He took his idea of a traveling ice show and a portable rink to people who were able to provide financing and had entertainment knowledge. Holiday on Ice was born.


Since the show's beginnings, a highlight of Holiday on Ice was a precision skating number where the show's chorus skated together and formed a pinwheel while linking arms and skating around a central point. Elaborate costumes were and are also expected in every Holiday on Ice show.


Holiday on Ice's cast has included skaters from all over the world, but most of the skaters touring with the show are not famous competitive skating champions. The focus of the shows is entertainment and quality, and not the skating of stars who have won Olympic or world medals.


Holiday on Ice is always looking for accomplished and talented figure skaters. On-site auditions are held all over the world, but applicants can also submit a video and a resume directly to the show's casting department.

Holiday on Ice Today:

Holiday on Ice no longer tours in the United States, but continues to tour through Europe and South America.

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