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Figure Skating Moves

There are so many figure skating moves. Learn to name and recognize all ice skating techniques in this section.
  1. Figure Skating Moves
  2. Figure Skating Techniques

How To Do Forward Crossovers On Figure Skates
This article gives instruction on how to do forward crossovers on figure skates.

All About Figure Skating Spirals
A spiral is a figure skating move which is based on the classic arabesque position from ballet. The basic forward spiral is performed while a skater glides forward on one foot with the chest facing towards the ice and with the free leg stretched back.

Basic Figure Skating Jumps Every Ice Skater Must Know
There are certain jumps that all ice skaters learn and that figure skating fans should try to recognize.

Larisa Gendernalik Art Gallery
Figure Skating Coach Larisa Gendernalik illustrates figure skating moves in this impressive art gallery.

U.S. Figure Skating Glossary
This includes a list of basic terms for skating fans and those new to figure skating.

What Are All Those Skating Moves?
This link will help you recognize all the different figure skating elements. It is from Don Korte's FIGURE SKATING WEBSITE.

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