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Things Figure Skating Coaches Must Do By July 1st of Each Year


July 1st Annual Requirements For Figure Skating Coaches
Figure Skating Coach Janet Champion Always Gets Her Coaching Fees and Requirements Done By July 1st

Master Rated figure skating coach, Janet Champion, always gets her coaching membership fees, liability insurance renewal, and CER requirements done by the July 1st deadline.

Photo Courtesy Janet Champion
By July 1st of every year, the following must be completed by ice skating coaches in the United States:

Coaches Registration and Background Check

All figure skating coaches, including US Figure Skating Basic Skills instructors who are 18 years of age or older, must complete the registration and background check requirement. Coaches must pay to register and pay for the background check annually.

US Figure Skating Membership and Club Membership Renewal

In order to coach figure skating students at US Figure Skating tests or competitions, an individual must be a member of US Figure Skating. Membership in a US Figure Skating member club includes full membership with US Figure Skating. Membership must be renewed annually before July 1.

PSA Professional Skaters Association Membership Renewal

All figure skating coaches in the United States who coach at US Figure Skating qualifying events must be members of the PSA Professional Skaters Association in addition to being members of US Figure Skating. Coaches who plan to teach students past the Basic Skills levels should also be PSA members. PSA membership should be renewed before July 1st of each year.

Coaches Liability Insurance Renewal

Almost every ice arena in the United States requires individuals who give private lessons in their facility to submit proof of liability insurance. Ice Skating Institute, US Figure Skating, and PSA all offer liability insurance especially for figure skating coaches. All three organizations first require membership to obtain their coaches liability insurance. Ice Skating Institute allows its coaches to pay for liability insurance and professional membership together. All three associations require insurance to be paid for annually before July 1st.

CER Continuing Education Requirement Courses and Exams Completed and Passed

Anyone coaching figure skating at U.S. Figure Skating's sanctioned events will be required to meet a mandatory continuing education requirement.

Figure skating coaches wishing to coach at qualifying and non-qualifying figure skating competitions and at US Figure Skating test sessions must complete at least four online courses. Coaches who wish to coach at non-qualifying figure skating competitions and at US Figure Skating test sessions must complete at least three online courses.

Coaches must complete the CER requirement by July 1 of each year. There is no grace period.

If a figure skating coach does not fulfill the mandatory education requirement, a coach will be considered a "noncompliant" member of both U.S. Figure Skating and the PSA. The non-compliant coach will not be eligible for a Professional Skaters Association PSA ratings exam, a PSA ranking review, or a PSA coaching award.

ISI Ice Skating Institute Professional Membership Renewal and Background Check

Ice skating instructors who do not teach at US Figure Skating events are not exempt from fulfilling requirements and paying fees. Those who teach ice skating students who compete in ISI Ice Skating Institute must renew a professional ISI membership each year. The renewal deadline is September 1. ISI also provides liability insurance for members at an additional charge.

Violations Are Serious:

There is no grace period for these requirements. If skating officials know that someone is not CER Compliant and that coach attempts to teach at a US Figure Skating competition or test session, that person can be reported. Violations are serious.

Figure skating coaches are professionals and should do all that is required. It's up to every ice arena and figure skating club to enforce these requirements.

A Coaching Situation That May Not Be Quite Clear - Partnering Ice Dance or Pair Tests and Coaching:

Ice dancers and pair skaters without partners sometimes pay someone to skate with them and do partnering for tests. That person may charge a skater for lessons to prepare for the test and also skate with a skater. If a skater's partner for a US Figure Skating test is also that person's coach, he or she must fulfill the CER Category B requirement. It's up to the club hosting a test session to enforce the CER requirement.

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