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Facebook, Social Networking, and Figure Skating Ethics


Facebook or Social Networking Should Not Be Used to Solicit Figure Skating Students

Facebook or Social Networking Should Not Be Used to Solicit Figure Skating Students

Don Bishop - Getty Images
Figure skating coaches are not permitted to solicit skating students, who are already working with another coach.

This means that using Facebook or other social networking sites to solicit skaters who are already taking lessons from another figure skating coach, is a violation of the PSA Professional Skaters Association Code of Ethics.

Be Cautious:

Experienced figure skating coaches know that it's okay to be friendly to other skaters, but being overly friendly, is not a good idea. For this reason, figure skating coaches, parents, and skaters should be cautious on how they use Facebook and social networking sites when interacting with skaters.

Don't Form Cliques:

In today's society, everyone wants to be part of a group. Facebook and other social networking sites can directly or indirectly give skaters and their families a sense of belonging.

Facebook extends to the gray areas that includes subtle soliciting tactics. If a coach wishes a student of another skating coach "Happy Birthday" on Facebook, or invites a student of another skating coach to a social activity for his or her students and announces it on Facebook, the intent may be sincere, but that behavior can be perceived as soliciting.

Guidelines for Skating Parents and Friends:

Parents and friends of skaters should not use Facebook to encourage skaters to become part of "the group of better skaters" who take from "Coach X." This includes complimenting or showing off a skating coach's or a skater's accomplishments or weaknesses via a social networking site.

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