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Audrey Weisiger's Grassroots To Champions Figure Skating Seminars


Grassroots To Champions Seminar 2009

Grassroots To Champions Seminar 2009

Courtesy Sheila Thelen, Executive Director, Grassroots To Champions

Goal of Grassroots To Champions Seminars:

The mission of Grassroots to Champions seminars is to provide figure skating coaches and their students with proven techniques, the latest figure skating technology, and training perspectives.

Grassroots Founder, Owner, and President - Audrey Weisiger :

Audrey Weisiger is an Olympic and world figure skating coach. She was the 1999 U.S. Figure Skating and Professional Skaters Association Coach of the Year. Weisiger has organized and directed numerous Grassroots To Champions seminars and holds a Master Rating with the Professional Skaters Association.

Executive Director - Sheila Thelen:

Sheila Thelen is the Executive Director of Grassroots To Champions. Champion Cords were invented by Thelen, a Master Rated Coach with the Professional Skaters Association.

Topics Covered:

The topics covered in the Grassroots To Champions seminars include:
  1. Single jumps, double jumps, triple jumps, and quad jumps
  2. Off-ice jumping
  3. Spins
  4. Edges
  5. Choreography
  6. Take-off and landings of jumps
  7. Body alignment
  8. Jump pole harness
  9. Dartfish technology
  10. Proper fit of equipment
  11. Competition preparation
  12. Identifying talented skaters
  13. Conditioning
  14. How to create a "total package" figure skating champion

Ankle Buzzers and Champion Cords:

The Ankle Buzzer is a figure skating training aid that attaches to a skater's landing foot boot. Skaters hear pleasant sounds as they cross their feet in the air correctly during their jumps. Ankle Buzzers are used at Grassroots To Champions seminars.

Champion Cords are also used at Grassroots To Champions seminars. They help teach figure skaters proper body alignment and position.

Day, Weekend, or Week-Long Experiences:

Grassroots To Champions seminars can be designed to fit the needs of skaters and coaches. Seminars take place in various cities in the United States and Canada. In the summer, a week-long Extreme Grassroots to Champions Seminar takes place at Shattuck-St. Mary's School in Fairbault, Minnesota.


Some of the presenters at the seminars include:

  • Audrey Weisiger - World and Olympic Figure Skating Coach
  • Sheila Thelen - President Champion Cords and Executive Director Grassroots To Champions
  • Nick Perna - Pole Harness Specialist. Jump Technician
  • Caroline Silby, PhD. - Sports Psychologist
  • Pasquale Camerlengo - National/World/Olympic Skater and Coach & Choreographer
  • Chris Conte - Dartfish & Pole Harness & Technical Specialist
  • Kori Ayd - National Coach & Choreographer & Hip Hop Dance Class
  • Matthew Blair Davis - Off ice specialist, Personal trainer
  • Trevor Laak - President iCoachSkating, Jump Technician

More About Grassroots To Champions:

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