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Parker Pennington - National and International Figure Skating Competitor


Parker Pennington

Parker Pennington

Photo Copyright © Paul/Michelle Harvath

Amazing Competition Record:

Parker Pennington has quite a competitive record. He has won every national event at each level in Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice and Junior. All that is left for him to win is a Senior National title and to qualify for the World and Olympic skating team.

Parker won the National title at the Junior level in 2001, Novice level in 1998, Intermediate level in 1996, and Juvenile level in 1995. He won the Senior Men's event at the Midwestern Sectional Championship in 2005.


Parker was born on September 13, 1984 in Hartford, Connecticut.


Windsor, Connecticut

Brother Colin Pennington is Also a Figure Skating Champion:

Parker's supportive family include his parents, Andrea and Larry Pennington, and his brother Colin.

Colin Pennington is also a top competitive figure skater. Colin won the National Novice Men's title in 2003.

How Parker Began Skating:

Parker went to a public skating session when he was three years old and loved skating.

How Parker Became a Serious Figure Skater:

When he was about eight years old, he was winning at the lower level figure skating competitions. He decided that he needed to move to a training center if he wanted to one day achieve his ice skating dreams. He first moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and then relocated to Colorado Springs. In May 2007, Pennington left Colorado Springs for Fairfax, Virginia to train under Audrey Weisiger. In 2008, he returned to Cleveland, Ohio to train with Carol Heiss Jenkins and Roberta Mitchell.


Parker graduated in 2002 from Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Ohio. He attends college part-time.


Parker is coached by Carol Heiss Jenkins. Previously, he trained in Colorado Springs with Janet Champion and Kathy Casey and also in Fairfax, Virginia. Some of his choreography has been done by Tom Dickson and Catarina Lindgren.

Hobbies and Talents:

Parker's hobbies and talents include shopping, tennis, ping pong, going to musicals and sporting events, movies, and cooking.

Training Schedule :

Parker's training schedule includes three freestyle practice sessions a day and one to two off ice classes per day. His off ice training schedule includes classes in ballet and modern dancing. Until 2007, he trained at the Colorado Springs World Arena.

Home Skating Club:

Parker represented the Broadmoor Skating Club at one time, but now represents the Winterhurst Figure Skating Club.

Best Skating Moves:

Parker Pennington's best figure skating moves include unique spins, spread eagles, and jumps. His favorite jump is the triple lutz.

Favorite Music for Skating:

Parker's favorite music to skate to is the music from his 2006-07 long program. It is a combination of pieces consisting of techno and a beautiful slow piece "Chess."

Goals and Dreams:

Parker's goals are to continue to improve as an artist on the ice and to become a World and an Olympic competitor.

More About Figure Skating Champion Parker Pennington:

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