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Scott Myers - World Roller Skating Champion Switched to Ice


Scott Myers

Scott Myers

Photo Courtesy Scott Myers

Roller Figure Skating Champion:

Scott Myers had an impressive skating resume before he began ice skating.:
  • Three-time national roller dance champion
  • 1986 World Roller Dance Champion
  • 3rd Place in figures at the World Roller Championships
  • Member of the USARS Amateur Athletes Roller Skating Hall of Fame

Ice Skating Test Record:

In 1987, Scott Myers made the decision to switch to ice skating. He and his roller skating partner, Anna Danks, had skated together for eleven years and won the world roller championships in 1986. Artistic roller figure skating was targeted to be included in the Olympics, and he and Danks were scheduled to demonstrate the sport in 1988 in Seoul, Korea, but it didn't happen and artistic roller skating did not become an Olympic sport. The highest goals in artistic roller skating had been met for Myers, and it was time to move on. That prompted Scott Myers' decision to give ice dance a shot and he teamed up with Lisa Grove.

Scott Myers passed all required US Figure Skating ice dance tests in eight months and qualified for the senior ice dance event at the 1988 United States National Figure Skating Championships which were held in Denver, Colorado before the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. The Grove-Myers team placed 12th at the US Nationals in 1988.

International Ice Skater:

Lisa Grove's goal and Scott Myers's goal was to take part in the 1992 Winter Olympic Games. Although they did not qualify for the Olympics, the team earned spots on the United States International Figure Skating team and won international medals three times.

Scott competed in St. Gervais, France, Oberstdorf, Germany, Zagreb, Yugoslavia, and also in the NHK Trophy in Japan. At those international figure skating competitions, Grove and Myers placed ahead of ice dance teams that competed in the 1992 Winter Olympic Games.

Competition Highlights:

  • 2nd 1989 St. Gervais
  • 2nd 1989 Oberstdorf
  • 1990 3rd Zagreb
  • 1990 7th NHK Trophy

Coach and Training:

On the ice, Scott Myers was coached by ice dance and pair skating coaching legend Ron Ludington who also was a roller skater before he switched to ice skating. In order to do what they needed to do to qualify for the 1988 United States National Figure Skating Championships in senior dance, they trained at the University of Delaware for at least six hours a day.

Professional Skating Career:

After Scott Meyers retired from competitive skating, he went on to coaching. During his first year as a figure skating coach, he was part of the coaching team who taught a sister-brother ice dance team, the Christina and Mark Fitzgerald, who were the 2002 U.S. Junior Dance Champions. At that same event, he also coached the 4th place team, Nicole Dumonceaux and John Reppucci.

In 1996, Myers coached U.S. Adult Ice Dance Champions Holly and John Cole. He also coached the 2002 US Novice Ice Dance Champions Sarah Solomon and Benjamin Cohen and 2003 US Novice Dance Silver Medalists Meghan McCullough and Joel Dear.

Myers lived and coached at first in the Washington D.C. area and was the skating director at a rink in Reston, Virginia. Later, he moved to Denver and continues to coach there.

Thoughts on Ice Dancing:

Scott Myers says that the ice dancers of today are incredible athletes and also believes that pattern ice dancing will always be part of the sport. He says that the things World Ice Dance Champions and Olympic Silver Medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White do are amazing. He says that when he was a roller skating competitor, he and his partner would watch videos for hours and hours of the top five ice dance teams in the world.

Myers was especially in awe of 1984 Olympic Ice Dance Champions Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. He was thrilled when he competed in Oberstdorf, Germany since he noticed that Christopher Dean watched him practice and perform.

"It was very exciting and thrilling for me to have Christopher Dean who I was in awe of and admired so much present me with my medal in Oberstdorf!" - Scott Myers

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