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Switching From Ice to Roller Figure Skating


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Ice Dancing and Roller Dancing - The Differences
Gerri Hampton and Keith Blair

Gerri Hampton and Keith Blair

Photo Courtesy of "Gerri in Oz" - http://www.uq.net.au/~zzbarneg/gbh_skating.htm
David Diamond writes:

Ice Dancing and Roller Dancing Are Alike:

    "We would often practice our roller dances on ice and vice versa.

    Many of the American Roller Dance pattern dances are the same, or are variations on, ice dances. International style roller dances are the same as the higher-level ice dances.

    Ice rinks tend to be wider than roller rinks. Because of that, ice dances emphasize filling each of the rink’s quadrants with the dance pattern, whereas American Roller Dance patterns emphasize symmetry around an imaginary base line relative to the edges of the rink."

Ice Skating Terms and Roller Skating Terms:

    "Most of the names for dance steps and freestyle moves are the same between ice and roller, but there are a few differences. A "toe loop" on ice is a "Mapes" on roller. A "Slide chasse" is a "drop chasse." "LFI" (Left Forward Inside) is written as "LIF" (Left Inside Forward). American Roller Dance diagrams are typically drawn with the steps in line with each other, whereas International Dance patterns (roller or ice) show the steps as tracings. But if you can read one style of diagram, you can read the other."
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