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Denver Synchronicity - Comments From Synchronized Skating Team Members


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Andi Lindahl - Denver Synchronicity Team Co-Captain, Shares
First Look at Winner's Cup - Denver Synchronicity

First Look at Winner's Cup - Denver Synchronicity

Photo © Denver Synchronicity

    'I have been skating for 26 years. I have skated on the Denver Synchronicity adult team for 8 years and this year I was one of the team captains. Previously, I skated on the Rocky Mountain Senior Team for 2 years and many, many Precision teams when I was little. I live in Aurora, CO. As an individual, I have passed my Adult Gold F.S. and Adult Gold Moves. I also have passed Juvenile F.S., Intermediate Moves and 2nd Figures. My accomplishments are medaling at Synchro Nationals, Synchro Sectionals and Internationally. Medaling at Adult Nationals. Also, skating for Disney on Ice.

    We train at Denver University and South Suburban Ice Arena. The support we get from the club is monetary - entry fees, scholarships etc. A lot of the members are with the DFSC, but we have a lot of associate members as well. Off the ice, I have a new hobby - guitar lessons!

    Winning the National Championships was a feeling that I can't describe. We had been waiting for that moment for so long that I didn't believe it had actually happened and I think I was in denial until I was up standing on that podium. Standing up there with my co-captain Caitlin was very emotional. I was so happy, but at the same time teary-eyed and physically shaking. It was very surreal. I was looking down at all of our team-mates and their smiling faces and wishing they could all stand up there with us somehow. I was so proud to be standing up there representing Denver Synchronicity and the Denver Figure Skating Club - the best group of girls I have ever skated with. It was also wonderful to look over in the stands and see all of our fans - friends, family and our "sister" Masters Team cheering and yelling and taking pictures. It gave me warm fuzzies all over.'

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