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Denver Synchronicity - Comments From Synchronized Skating Team Members


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Caitlin Balch-Burnett, Denver Synchronicity Team Co-Captain, Shares
Denver Synchronicity Team Captains Andi Lindahl and Caitlin Balch-Burnett and Coach Alicia Carr.

Denver Synchronicity Team Captains Andi Lindahl and Caitlin Balch-Burnett and Coach Alicia Carr.

Photo © Denver Synchronicity
On February 24, 2007, Denver Synchronicity, an adult synchronized figure skating team, won the 2007 United States National Adult Synchronized Figure Skating title. This article tells a bit about some of Denver Synchronicity's members. The team members share about themselves and give comments about the experience of being synchronized figure skaters and champions.

Caitlin Balch-Burnett, Denver Synchronicity Team Co-Captain writes:

    "Alicia, our coach, has been a great support system for both teams. Not only is she a great technical coach, she also has amazing choreography skills. She challenges us to be better individual skaters yet is always bringing joy and laughter to the ice. Before we skated, Alicia reminded us to let our feet do the skating and our hearts do the rest. And that’s what we did – we skated from our hearts. These teams would not be where we are today without her patience, love, and encouragement."

What it Felt Like to Win at the 2007 Synchronized Skating Nationals

    "Standing on the top of the podium was really just a dream come true for me. I kept reminding myself to cherish this moment and just take in the experience. It was so special to have our friends and family in the audience and be able to share this amazing day with all of those that have supported us.

    I felt very confident about the team’s performance, even before we stepped on the ice. There was a calm, focused mentality in the locker room before we skated. I think we were feeling very prepared and ready to show off all of our hard work. The crowd was amazing; all their cheering and encouragement really helped us keep our momentum up throughout the entire program."

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