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Denver Synchronicity - Comments From Synchronized Skating Team Members


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Linsey Schulze - Team Member, Denver Synchronicity, Shares
Denver Synchronicity - 2007 U.S. Adult Synchronized Skating Champions

Denver Synchronicity - 2007 U.S. Adult Synchronized Skating Champions

Photo © Denver Synchronicity
On February 24, 2007, Denver Synchronicity, an adult synchronized figure skating team, won the 2007 United States National Adult Synchronized Figure Skating title. This article tells a bit about some of Denver Synchronicity's members. The team members share about themselves and give comments about the experience of being synchronized figure skaters and champions.

Linsey Schulze writes:

    "For me personally, Alicia Carr, our coach, is an inspiration. She possesses an amazing God given talent that is almost indescribable!!! I am always eager to learn from her new things only she is capable of showing or teaching. She brings a calm to our team and an assurance that makes it easy to love to skate.

    I love synchro! It's a passion as well as an addiction that I can't see my life without. Synchro is my escape time...a time for me to get out there and do what I truly love doing...forget about everything else and just have fun!

    Our team is amazing. The bonds and friendships that have come out of just Denver Synchro are amazing! There are women on this team that will be a part of my life forever! I love being able to share my passion with others that feel the same way...it's an automatic connection and an almost immediate bond!"

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