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Roller Figure Skating Coach Carlesa Williams


Roller Skating Coach Carlesa Williams and Her Skating Students

Roller Skating Coach Carlesa Williams and Her Skating Students

Photo Courtesy of Carlesa Williams

Carlesa Williams - Roller Figure Skating Coach:

Carlesa Williams is a roller figure skating coach. She has coached roller figure skaters at the world class level. She teaches at the Riverside Arena in Livonia, Michigan.

Williams is one of the only African American figure skating and roller skating coaches in the United States.

Figure Skating Judge and Official:

Carlesa has served as a judge and referee in artistic roller figure skating. She is one of the only African American figure skating judges in the nation.

Professional On and Off the Ice:

Williams is an art director and producer by trade, but her real love is skating. She coaches both quad figure skating and inline figure skating. She also managed and directed an artistic roller figure skating club.

Early Skating:

Carlesa Williams began figure skating when she was seven years old. She participated in both roller and ice skating as a child.

Performances and Awards:

Carlesa was a member of Detroit's Rockin' Rollers. She has won rhythm skating trophies and has skated in many exhibitions. She has also appeared in skating performances on television. In the late 1970s, she taught rhythm skating in Detroit.

Coach of Roller Figure Skating Champions:

Williams has coached national roller figure skating champions in both quad and inline figure skating disciplines. She has also coached members of the Junior World Figure Skating Team. She has coached single skaters, pair skaters, and precision skaters.


Carlesa Williams has received the U.S. National Coach of the Year Award from Skater Direct. She has also received awards for her coaching on the regional and local level from the official governing body of United States roller skating.

World Competitor:

Williams competed in Precision Show skating at the World Roller Figure Skating Championships in Buenos Aires in 2003.

Promoter of Skating:

Carlesa works hard to promote skating. Using her expertise in advertising, Carlesa writes articles about roller and inline skating.

Loves Skating:

Carlesa Williams loves everything about figure skating and wants to pass her joy of the sport onto everyone who comes her way.

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