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Lynn Stone Shares His Love Of Skating With Everyone He Meets


Lynn Stone Loves Figure Skating

Lynn Stone Loves Figure Skating

Photo by Jo Ann Schneider Farris

Lynn Stone Believes Figure Skating Is a Sport For All Ages:

Although many people think that figure skating is a sport just for children and teens, Lynn Stone, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, believes skating can be done throughtout life. He skates and practices at least three days a week and also volunteers his time with the local skating clubs and at US Figure Skating competitions and events.

About Lynn Stone's Skating:

Lynn Stone was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. When he was in high school, he took a trip to Washington D.C. with a school group. It was in Washington D.C. that he first tried ice skating. He fell in love with the sport. There were no ice skating rinks in New Orleans, but Stone was determined to skate whenever possible. During his young adult life and beyond, he tried to skate if his family lived near an ice arena. During the time that he served and traveled with the military, fortunately, most of the time, he was stationed in areas near ice skating rinks.

Skating Father and Skating Grandfather:

Lynn Stone passed his love of skating on to his daughter. She became quite and accomplished skater, competed in Ice Skating Institute competitions, passed ISI tests and US Figure Skating tests, and also competed and participated in US Figure Skating competitions. Stone's grand-daughter began to skate when she was a toddler and did both figure skating and speed skating for a time. Ice skating became a family affair for the Stone family, but Lynn Stone is the one that has continued in the sport.

No Obstacle Will Stop Lynn Stone's Love Of Figure Skating:

Stone has been aware that there are not many African American figure skaters, but he has not let that stop him. He also is aware that adult figure skaters are a minority, but again, Stone has not allowed his age to get in his way. He has passed US Figure Skating tests and is working towards competing.

Strong Faith:

Lynn Stone believes that he has truly been blessed in life. He has a strong faith in God. He is active in his church and is part of his church's music worship team.

Ice Dancer and Free Skater:

In addition to doing freestyle, Stone enjoys ice dancing. He has an ice dance partner that he practices with two or three days a week. He especially enjoys skating at great speed, jumping and spinning, and doing moves in the field, but has found that ice dancing also gives him great pleasure. He likes to challenge himself every time he goes to the rink and works hard at improving every day.


Larisa Gendernalik taught Stone and his daughter and grand-daughter for several years. He is also coached by Dianna-lynne Webster Wells and Doreen Denny.

Announcer At Figure Skating Competitions:

Through the years, Stone has volunteered his time at figure skating competitions. Skating officials noticed his beautiful voice. He has been asked to announce at various skating competitions and events and is working towards being an official announcer for US Figure Skating's competitions.

Show Skater:

Stone has skated in ice skating shows including Nutcracker On Ice.


Lynn Stone does realize that there may be some obstacles he has faced as a figure skater and in life. He recommends that individuals not allow anything to get in the way of whatever dreams they may have.

"Skating feels like flying. When I do it, I enter a world that is hard to describe. Skating gives me so much joy. I want pass joy on to everyone that comes my way." - Lynn Stone

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