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How to Switch Figure Skating Coaches

How to Make a Figure Skating Coaching Change


A Figure Coach Teaches an Ice Skater

A Figure Coach Teaches an Ice Skater

John Terence Turner

Be aware that there are some guidelines to follow when switching coaches:

The most important guideline is that coaches DO NOT teach a private student that is already working with another coach without permission.

Skating coaches DO NOT teach a private student that is working with someone else:

It may seem sensible to you as a parent to try out another coach before making a complete break from your existing coach, but that is just not acceptable in the skating world and will cause problems for all parties involved.

There are many "don’ts" when the time comes to make a switch:

Don’t start working with someone else before telling your existing private lesson coach that you are going to make a switch. Don’t tell your existing coach you are going to take a break from lessons and then start working with someone else.

Notify the coach you are leaving either by phone or in person :

Don’t leave a message on an answering machine, send a text, or send an email to inform your figure skating coach you are making a coaching change.  You should notify the coach in person (face to face) or over the phone

Don't make your coach feel bad:

Once you do make personal contact, don’t make your coach feel bad by trying to explain or justify the reasons for making a change; that is not necessary.

There may be hurt feelings:

Be aware that your coach may be very hurt and may not take losing your child as a student lightly, so thank your coach for all he or she has done for your child’s skating so far.

Pay all bills:

Make sure all bills are paid before beginning lessons with someone else.

Try to stay on good terms with your former coach:

This is not always easy.

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