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Olympic Figure Skating Women Gold Medalists


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Katarina Witt - 1988 and 1984 Olympic Figure Skating Champion
Two Time Olympic Figure Skating Champion Katarina Witt

Two Time Olympic Figure Skating Champion Katarina Witt

Photo by Steve Powell - Getty Images
Take a journey through Olympic figure skating history and learn a bit about each ice skating "queen" who has been crowned in gold at the Winter Olympic Games.


Katarina Witt won the Olympics twice and also won the World Figure Skating Championships four times. In addition, she won the European figure skating title six times. Her success in competitive figure skating makes her one of the most successful ice skaters in history. Her tremendous beauty and her Olympic gold medals opened all sorts of doors for her as a professional, and she appeared in many television specials, in magazines, and in movies. In 1994, she made an Olympic comeback and competed in the Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway.

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