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Off-Ice Edge - A Figure Skating Training Aid


The Off-Ice Edge

The Off-Ice Edge

Photo Courtesy of the Off-Ice Edge

Compliments On-Ice Figure Skating Training:

The Off-Ice Edge is a figure skating training aid designed to compliment what a figure skater learns on the ice. It is designed to strengthen all the muscles in the body. The Off Ice Edge helps a skater master on-ice edge technique off the ice.

Requires Skates On:

Figure skaters keep their skates on while using the Off-Ice Edge. It may be the only figure skating training aid that requires the skater to keep skates on.

The Off-Ice Edge Platform :

A platform creates the same feelings that occur on the ice while skating on an inside or outside edge. All edges that are done on the ice can be reproduced. A figure skater can target the muscles required for basic stroking, crossovers, sit spins, jumps entries and landings.

Uses Some Ideas From Ballet :

The Off-Ice Edge also incorporates principles of ballet. The skater is stabilized with poles that have similarities to a ballet barre. All exercises done with the Off-Ice Edge should be done in front of a mirror.

Invented by a Physical Therapist:

The Off-Ice Edge was developed by David Lipetz, a physical therapist and off-ice figure skating specialist. Lipetz believes that the musculature and centers for balance that are needed for on ice success can be achieved while wearing skates.

About the Off-Ice Edge Platfrom:

The Off-Ice Edge platform is designed with angled sections that automatically distributes a skater's weight onto the outside or inside edge of the blades. The feeling of what muscles are used in motion is reproduced.

A Training Tool for Figure Skating Coaches:

During lessons, figure skating coaches pull their skating students off the ice, and put them on the Off-Ice Edge, so that they can physically put their skaters in the exact positions that they are trying to teach. There is no need to take skates off in order to use the Off-Ice Edge.

Won't Harm A Skater's Blades:

The coating on the Off-Ice Edge platform is similar to the rubber mats that surround most ice rinks. Since the coating is rubber, it holds the blades in place while performing edge techniques, but the platform will not harm ice skating blades.


The Off-Ice Edge platform, 2 Off-Ice Edge balance poles, and an instructional DVD may be purchased for $275.00. Many ice rinks and clubs have purchased this training aid for the use of all the figure skaters and coaches in the facility.

Prevents Injuries:

The Off-Ice Edge will help expose any weakness that a skater may have in the hip or pelvic girdle, so the risk of injury to the lower back and knees may be decreased.

Seminars and Classes:

Seminars and classes teaching proper use of the Off-Ice Edge can be arranged.
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