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Choosing Music for Figure Skating Programs by Lorna Brown

How to Choose Music for Ice Skating


Lorna Brown

Lorna Brown

Photo Copyright © Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown is a British and World Professional ice skating champion and a world and Olympic figure skating coach. In this article, she gives some thoughts on choosing music for skating programs.

Choosing Music for Skating Programs by Lorna Brown

Choosing your music is so very personal, if the skater doesn't feel the music then it will never look good no matter how good the choreography is, because it is the feeling above everything - else which allows the skater to interpret and express the music. I always like the skater to be highly involved when it comes to choosing it. Also it has to be something you will not tire of over the course of a year or two.

You have to listen to a lot of music and visualize yourself skating to it, knowing it is going to be for a short or long. You can imagine how the whole set up will be with the elements. Visualize the complete package of music,costume, character and style etc. Then improvise to it on the ice just letting ideas come to you to see how you feel skating to it. Letting the music penetrate your mind and letting your body become the music. Also learn it off by heart, every note and play the tune in your head or on an instrument if you know how to. Sometimes pick one of the instruments out like the violin, the guitar or the drums and follow the tune of that particular instrument all the way through.

The music also has to appeal to the judges and the audience of course. This is very important!

It is good to have some changes rather than one piece from beginning until the end, fast slow fast or slow into fast, There has to be light and shade with changes of mood and expression. You have to be extremely interpretive to use the same piece all the way through. Try to stick to the same style of music though, otherwise it loosed the character of what you are trying to portrait. Just choose something that is quality music, that you really love and then hopefully everyone else will too.

The music can really transform you like when I won World Professionals, I skated to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I loved the music, saw the movie and learned every single note. I became connected with the spirit of what the music was about and really got into it. It was all about learning fly because you loved flying unlike other seagulls just flying around looking for food. I could relate to flying across the ice. I chose a simple white costume with little silver sequined seagulls and some soft white feathers for my hair and some flowing chiffon and I was there! Totally enraptured with my music and it's story.

Expand your imagination and become what you want to be with your music!

Good luck!

Lorna Brown

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