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Figure Skating Coach Deana Sroka Loses 100 Pounds


Skating Coach Deana Sroka Lost 100 Pounds
Figure Skating Coach Deana Sroka Lost 100 Pounds

Figure Skating Coach Deana Sroka Lost 100 Pounds

Photo Courtesy Deana Sroka
It took figure skating coach, Deana Sroka, twenty years to become very, very overweight. During her competitive figure skating days, she had never been heavy, but the weight had just sort of been added to her body after she stopped competing and training. "I admit I love food," say Sroka.

In college, she began to put on weight. Each year, she became a bit heavier. Pregnancy added more pounds. She was not happy with what her body had become and was miserable.

At the beginning of 2012, Deana Sroka had enough. This is the story of Deana Sroka's journey back to the world of being thin. She hopes her story will inspire others in the figure skating community who struggle with weight issues and eating.

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!" - Deana Sroka

About Deana Sroka:

Deana Sroka has taught figure skating for over twenty years. As a figure skating competitor, she competed in singles through the junior ladies level and passed her 7th figure test. Sroka trained under some of the best coaches in the United States. As a child and teen, she had the opportunity to train in the summers in Colorado Springs under Olympic figure skating coach, Carlo Fassi.

Reality Television Showed a Very Overweight Deana Sroka:

On December 12, 2012, Sroka appeared in a pilot episode of the figure skating reality television show Jersey On Ice. The show received quite a bit of criticism from the figure skating community, and some of the viewers of the show criticized Deana Sroka because of the excess weight she carried when the television pilot aired. There had not been time during the one hour television pilot to show Stroka's wonderful and inspiring weight loss journey.

When the show was filmed, Sroka was eighty pounds thinner than the person that was shown in the television pilot. By February, 2013, Sroka lost almost 100 pounds.

A One Way Journey to Being Thin:

Deana Sroka's journey actually began in early 2012 when she decided she could not continue living life as an obese person. "I considered myself a thin person trapped in a fat person's body," said Sroka. "I decided to do something drastic and had an operation where a gastric band was put in my stomach. The result of that operation is that my stomach is so small that I can only consume a small amount of food."

Life Changing:

As the weight came off, Deana's Sroka's skating student clientele increased. She has more energy and now is able to teach more lessons especially on busy Saturdays. She also got rid of all her old clothes and bought a new wardrobe.

Not Going Back:

Sroka plans to never return to the world of being overweight and will keep the gastric band in her stomach for the rest of her life. "It is sort of a security blanket, but I like to eat a lot, and the band will keep me thin."

Deana Stroka Wants to Inspire Others

"I believe in promoting figure skating, and I hope that the airing of Jersey On Ice brought skating in public view," says Sroka. "My weight loss journey must also be shared."

The figure skating world is a world where body image is everything. It took much courage on Deana Sroka's part to put herself in front of the entire ice skating community and in front of The Learning Channel's television viewers when she was so very heavy. When she agreed to do the show, her goal was to promote skating in all forms, and she wanted to show both the good and the bad. Her dramatic weight loss also proves that the commitment figure skaters have to the sport can be used to make one's personal life better.

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