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Elements of an Ice Dancing Free Dance

Ice Dancing Moves and Positions


Free dance is the most entertaining part of ice dancing. Certain moves are done by each ice dancing couple. This article will help those interested in ice dancing to recognize free dance moves, positions, and elements.

Dance Lifts

A Young Ice Dance Team Does a Free Dance Lift
Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris
Every free dancing program will include dance lifts. Dance lifts are different than pair skating lifts because the man will not hold the lady high above his head; however, ice dancing lifts can be creative in nature. Some ice dancing lifts rotate; others move on straight lines or on curves. Stationary lifts are also permitted.

Dance Spins

Ice Dance Spin
Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris
Every free dance program will include at least one dance spin. The spin will rotate around a common axis and the couple will perform the spin together. Each partner may be in a different position during the spin. Changing feet or positions during the spin is permissible. The spins should rotate for at least three revolutions.

Synchronized Twizzles

Ice Dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis Perform Twizzles
Photo by Koichi Kamoshida - Getty Images
Twizzles are multirotational one-foot turns. Ice dance teams must do twizzles together that are completely synchronized. Ice dancers should try to turn for at least four revolutions when they perform synchronized twizzles. Twizzles are different from spins since they move across the ice.

Step Sequences

Ice Dancing Step Sequence - Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada 2007
Photo by Matthew Stockman - Getty Images
All free dances will include intricate footwork and steps. An ice dance team will do steps while skating in various ice dance positions and will hold one another in creative ways. For short periods of time, the team may separate. Dance teams may do circular, straight line, serpentine, or diagonal step sequences.

Ice Dance Steps and Footwork

Patrice Lauzon and Marie-France Dubreuil of Canada Doing Ice Dancing Free Dance Steps
Photo by Matthew Stockman - Getty Images
Ice dancers combine basic ice dancing steps in a free dance program. The skaters will do progressives, swing rolls, chasses, crossovers, stroking, three turns, mohawks, complex figure skating turns and footwork. The steps done in a free dance program will be combined and performed in creative and numerous ways.

Ice Dancing Partner Positions

Killian Position - A Basic Ice Dance Position Done in Free Dance
Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris
An ice dance teams will skate together throughout a free dance in various ice dance positions. Waltz position, foxtrot position, hand-in-hand, and killian position should be included in a free dance program. Ice dance teams are permitted to create new positions that are based on the basic ice dance partner positions.
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