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Wheaton Ice Skating Academy


Ice Dancing Program For Children:

Wheaton Skating Academy is an ice dancing program for children based in Maryland. Skaters are trained in groups. The program is open to skaters of all ages and levels.


Alexei Kiliakov is the Director of Wheaton Ice Skating Academy. Wheaton Ice Skating Academy's Co-Directors are Elena Novak and Dmytri Ilin.

Group Instruction:

Wheaton Ice Skating Academy uses a group training system. Instruction takes place both on and off the ice.


The Academy's program takes place at Wheaton Ice Arena, in Wheaton, Maryland, and at Rockville Ice Arena and at Cabin John Ice Rink, in Rockville, Maryland.

Training Schedule:

Most of the Academy's ice time is schedule in the late afternoon and early evenings, and on Saturday during the day.

Program Components:

Skaters at Wheaton Ice Skating Academy do ice dancing, moves in the field. and some freestyle. There is instruction on partnering, power skating, ballroom dancing basics, ballet, and conditioning.

Annual Ice Dance Camp:

Every summer, Wheaton Ice Skating Academy holds an ice dance camp.

Young Ice Dance Champions:

Wheaton Ice Skating Academy has been successful in producing several young ice dance champions. In 2010, the Academy's skaters won medals at the US National Figure Skating Championships and the US Junior National Figure Skating Championships.
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