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What Is IcePartnerSearch.com?


Ice Dance Partners

Ice Dance Partners

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IcePartnerSearch.com Can Help a Figure Skater Find a Skating Partner:

One resource that those looking for skating partners use is IcePartnerSearch.com.

Endorsed by US Figure Skating:

The IceParnterSearch.com service is endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating. It allows ice skaters looking for skating partners to post biographical information, photos, videos, contact information, and qualifications.

Data Entered Makes Searching Simple:

Data is entered in a web friendly and easy to use database by skaters and/or their parents. A skater can search for a partner easily by entering in qualities such as age, skating level, male or female, and ice dance or pair skating.

The Service Is Free:

The IcePartnerSearch.com service is free.

Additional Photos and Videos :

Unlimited photos and videos may be uploaded to a skater's profile.

Official Tryouts:

IcePartnerSearch.com organizes annual partner tryouts. Skaters can save a lot of time and money by attending thse group tryouts rather than arranging individuals tryouts.

Does IcePartnerSearch.com Actually Work?:

Some skaters have reported that they have found a pair skating or an ice dancing partner through IcePartnerSearch.com, so the service does work.

Skaters Should Consider Relocating :

Serious figure skaters may have to consider moving to a new city or state to skate with a partner. Parents may have to open up their homes to house their child's skating partner.
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