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Ice Dance Weekends


Dancing at an Ice Dance Weekend

Dancing at an Ice Dance Weekend

Photo Courtesy of Ice Dancers OnLine - http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/icedancers/

Social Dancing on Ice:

Ice dancers in the United States and Canada get together at various times each year for ice dance weekends. An entire weekend is spent dancing on and off the ice.

Social Ice Dance Sessions:

Every ice dance weekend includes several programmed ice dance sessions. About ten hours of on-ice dancing takes place.

During the social ice dance sessions, besides doing the traditional ice dances, fun things are done, like doing dances backward, reversing partners, changing steps, and doing the "The Grand March." There is something done for every level of skater.

Workshops or Classes:

Most ice dance weekends include group instruction or workshops. Figure skaters are instructed on ice dancing basics, and intermediate and high level dances.

Dinner and Dancing Off the Ice:

Most ice dance weekends include social time on and off the ice. It is common for the figure skaters who participate to gather together for cocktails, dinner, dancing, and a lunch or brunch. Many of the participants stay at the same hotel.

Non-Skating Spouses are Included:

Ice dance weekends usually plan activities for non-skating spouses and family members. Of course, those who don't skate participate in the off-ice dinner, dancing, cocktails, brunches, breakfasts, and lunches. Sometimes planned activities are arranged for non-skaters.

Friday Evening:

Most ice dance weekends begin with a programmed social ice dance session on Friday evening. A time for socializing off the ice is usually planned after the first on-ice session.

All Day Saturday:

Saturday is a long day of ice dancing, instruction, and fun. Two to three programmed ice dance sessions occur. Group classes and instruction take place. Dinner and dancing takes place on Saturday evening.

Sunday Morning:

Sunday morning at an ice dance weekend is busy with two to four hours of social ice dancing. A continental breakfast and a good-bye lunch are often provided.


Most of the participants at ice dance weekends are adults; however, young ice dancers, who know the steps and partnering for at least six to nine ice dances, are usually welcome to attend. Most figure skaters that attend know the steps to the lower level ice dances. Some participants feel comfortable doing intermediate and advanced dances. Those just beginning ice dancing will find an experience at an ice dance weekend to be quite fun.

Romances Do Occur at Ice Dance Weekends:

Sometimes two single people will meet and later fall in love after an ice dance weekend.

What to Wear to an Ice Dance Weekend:

During the on-ice sessions, most women wear long skating ice dancing dresses, traditional skating dresses, or wrap ballet-type skirts. Nice pants are also appropriate. Men wear nice pants and a sweater. Everyone wears gloves. For the social time off the ice, casual dress is usually the norm, but for dinner and dancing, semi-formal wear is appropriate.

Some Popular Ice Dance Weekends in North America:

This is a list of just some of the ice dance weekends that take place in the U.S. and Canada.

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