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A Step By Step Journey Through Ice Skating History


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Jackson Haines Founded Modern Figure Skating
Jackson Haines - The Founder of Modern Figure Skating

Jackson Haines - The Founder of Modern Figure Skating

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Jackson Haines was the first skater to incorporate ballet and dance movements into ice skating. His style of stating included athletic jumps, leaps, turns, and spins. Haines was the first skater to introduce the idea of performing figure skating moves with music accompaniment. He was also the first person who wore blades that were permanently attached to ice skating boots. .

Haines' style of skating was not well received in the U.S.A., so he traveled to Europe to show off and teach his figure skating ideas. For a time, he lived and taught skating in Vienna, Austria. His style of figure skating became known as the "International Style of Skating." His style of skating did not become popular in the United States until many, many years after his death.

The first U.S. figure skating competition that included the "International Style of Skating" was held in 1914. The competition took place in New Haven, Connecticut and was called called the “International Championships of America.”

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