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World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame


"Whisper of Love" Statue of Renee Roca and Gorsha Sur and Lower Level of World Figure Skating Museum

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History of Figure Skating in One Place:

The World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame is a museum that showcases figure skating and its history. It is the only museum of its kind in the world.


The museum is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the same building that houses the offices of U.S. Figure Skating.

Early and Modern Ice Skating :

The history of early ice skating is shown at the World Figure Skating Museum. Modern figure skating is also shown. There are exhibits showing the accomplishments of figure skaters from all over the world.

Costumes, Trophies, and Memorabilia:

Throughout the World Figure Skating Museum are the costumes, skates, trophies, and awards of great figure skaters. The stories of each of these great figure skaters is available for visitors.

Photos, Films, and Paintings:

The World Figure Skating Museum is filled with photos and paintings that showcase famous figure skaters and ice skating history. Films are available to view.

Science of Skating:

There are areas in the museum where visitors can learn about how certain figure skating moves such as axels, salchows, and lutzes are accomplished.

Figure Skating Hall of Fame:

Certain people, including Olympic and World Figure Skating champions, have been inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame. At the World Figure Skating Museum, the Hall of Fame is an area that highlights these people.

Special Collections:

The museum's archives hold collections of photos, films, and written records of figure skating performances. Visitors can arrange to spend time looking through the museum's archives and collections.

Tours and Private Rentals:

Visitors to the World Figure Skating Museum may individually wander through the museum at their own pace. Groups and schools may arrange special tours or activities at the museum. Private groups may arrange to have private parties or functions.

Future of the World Figure Skating Museum:

Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City and St. Paul have been considered as possible cities for the location of the World Figure Skating Museum. It is possible that the museum will move from Colorado Springs to a new location in the future.

It was annoucned in 2007 that more people will enjoy the figure skating museum experience since the World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame will be part of the Sports Museum of America which will open in New York City in April 2008. Those who visit New York City will be able to learn about many sports, including figure skating. Like the museum in Colorado, there will be interactive exhibits, memorabilia, and films about ice skating.

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