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Definition: A toe loop is a figure skating jump that is done with a toe assist. While skating backward on an outside edge, the figure skater picks with the other toe, then jumps a half revolution in the air like a waltz jump, and lands on the foot that did not pick. The skater should be gliding backward on an outside edge when he or she lands.

If the skater turns forward after picking, he or she has not done a toe loop, but a "toe waltz jump." A "toe waltz jump" is not correct. The skater must maintain a back outside entry edge at take-off to do a true toe loop.

Also Known As: In artistic roller figure skating, the toe loop is called a Mapes Jump after its inventor, Bruce Mapes, but in ice skating, this jump has been always known as a toe loop.

Some figure skaters call a toe loop jump a "toe."


Alternate Spellings: Toe Loop or Mapes Jump

Examples: Most of the time, the toe loop is entered from a forward inside three turn.

A similar jump to a toe loop is the toe walley where the take off is from a back inside edge. Toe loops and toe walleys get equal credit in figure skating competitions.

Toe loops can be done as a singles, doubles, or triples. A double toe loop is a two revolution jump and a triple toe loop is a three revolution jump.

Single, double, or triple toe loops are often done as the second jump in jump combinations.


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