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Definition: A salchow is a figure skating jump done from the back inside edge of one foot to the back outside edge of the other foot. A half revolution is done in the air.
Pronunciation: Salchow is pronounced with an "ou" sound like in the word "sour": "Sow-Cow" or "Souw-Couw." The "h" in the "ch" is silent.
Also Known As: Many figure skaters call a salchow a "sal" or "sow."
Alternate Spellings: salchow
The salchow jump was invented by Ulrich Salchow in 1909.

The salchow is usually done from a forward outside three turn. After the three turn, the skater stops momentarily with the free foot extended behind, then swings the free leg forward and around with a wide scooping motion. Then, the skater jumps in the air and lands backwards on the foot and leg that did the scooping motion.

Sometimes, the salchow is entered from a forward inside mohawk instead of a three turn.

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