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Alisa Mikonsaari executing an Axel jump

Alisa Mikonsaari executing an Axel jump

Scott Heavey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Definition: An axel jump is a figure skating jump where the take-off is on a forward outside edge. After jumping forward from that forward edge, the skater makes one and one-half revolutions in the air and lands on the other foot on a back outside edge.



Also Known As: Axel Paulsen

Alternate Spellings: Axel jump or axel or Axel

Common Misspellings: Axle or axle

Examples: The axel jump was invented by a skater named Axel Paulsen who first performed this jump in 1882 on speed skates.

It takes time to master an axel jump. It may take years for some skaters to master an axel. Once a skater "gets an axel," double jumps usually come quite easily.

The axel and the waltz jump are the only jumps where the take-off is done from a forward edge.


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