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U.S. Figure Skating


U.S. Figure Skating Logo

U.S. Figure Skating Logo

Permission to Use U.S. Figure Skating Logo Granted by Ramsey Baker, U.S. Figure Skating

U.S. Figure Skating is the official governing body of figure skating in the United States. The U.S. Figure Skating organization is recognized by both the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the International Skating Union (ISU).

U.S. Figure Skating's purpose is to provide programs to encourage participation and achievement in figure skating. The U.S. Figure Skating organization regulates figure skating in the U.S. and creates rules for the figure skating tests and competitions.

Important Note:

New figure skaters sometimes are confused about the two different ice skating associations that are in the United States. The ISI, Ice Skating Institute, is a different ice skating organization and is for recreational skaters. Although the ISI provides tests and competitions that are rewarding for all, those interested in pursuing serious figure skating MUST take part in U.S. Figure Skating's activities.

Also Known As:

United States Figure Skating


US Figure Skating

For many years U.S. Figure Skating was called the USFSA or the United States Figure Skating Association. Many people still call the organization by those names.

Common Misspellings:

U.S. Figure Skating is sometimes called USFS or USFSA, but the association does not want those abbreviations used anymore.


Every serious figure skater in the United States must be a member of U.S. Figure Skating and pass official U.S. Figure Skating tests in order to compete. Most skaters join a U.S. Figure Skating member club. Club membership includes membership in U.S. Figure Skating.

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