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Triple Axel


Triple Axel jump Dave Sandford/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images Triple Axel

Triple Axel

Dave Sandford/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Definition: The triple Axel is a figure skating jump. It is the only ice skating triple jump that takes off from a forward outside edge. The ice skater first bends the skating knee as he or she enters the jump from that forward outside edge. The skater then kicks forward with the free leg and arms and springs into the air. Three and a half revolutions are completed in the air.

Alternate Spellings: Capitalizing the first letter in "Triple" and the first letter in "Axel" is okay.

Common Misspellings: Triple Axle or triple-axle

Examples: Many men have landed the triple Axel, but Tonya Harding and Kimmie Meissner are the only U.S. women figure skaters to have successfully completed the triple Axel in competition.

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