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Theatre on Ice


Cats On Ice Cast 2005

Cats On Ice Cast 2005

Photo © Colorado Youth Theatre


"Theatre on Ice" is a form of figure skating. It is also known as ballet on ice or dancing on ice. It combines figure skating with theater and dance.

There are theatre on ice team competitions sponsored by U.S. Figure Skating. Teams consist of between eight and thirty skaters.

In competitive events, theatre on ice programs are evaluated on originality and also technical skating. Costumes, artistry, and music are also judged.

Also Known As:

Performing in an ice show can also be considered theatre on ice, but not all ice shows involve the showmanship that is included in ice theater.

Alternate Spellings:

"Theatre on Ice" is also known as "Theater on Ice" or "Ice Theatre."


Cats On Ice, produced by Colorado Youth Theatre in 2005, is an example of theatre on ice in a non-competitive setting. The Broadway musical, CATS, was performed on the ice.

Artistic or showcase skating competitive events, where skaters compete in character and costume, are also considered theatre on ice.

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