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Technical Score


Technical Panel 2009 US Figure Skating Championships

Technical Panel 2009 US Figure Skating Championships

Photo Courtesy Amy Schneider
Definition: A technical score in figure skating is like a math problem:

  1. At a figure skating competition, each move in an ice skater's program is given a base value and a skater gets credit for every element correctly attempted.

  2. Jumps, spins and footwork all have an assigned level of difficulty, but it is up to the technical specialist to assign a level of difficulty to each element.

  3. Judges give a "grade of execution" (GOE) for each element by giving plus or minus grades (+1, +2, +3, -1, -2, -3). A fall automatically gets a -3.

  4. The plus or minus values are then added or deducted from the base value of each element. This is how the skater's technical score for each element is determined.

  5. The scores for all the elements in a skater's program are then added up. That is how a skater's total technical score is obtained.
Alternate Spellings: Technical Score
The technical score is added together to the program component score and the result is the segment score. The sum of all the segment scores (short program and the free skate) becomes the total competition score. The skater with the highest score wins.

The technical score is part of the new ISU Judging System (IJS) for figure skating that was implemented shortly after the 2002 Olympics. It is similar to the "technical merit" score that is given in the 6.0 figure skating judging system.

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