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Rena Inoue and John Baldwin - The First Pair Team to Land a Throw Triple Axel

Rena Inoue and John Baldwin - The First Pair Skating Team to Land a Throw Triple Axel in a world or Olympic Competition

Photo by Clive Rose - Getty Images
Definition: A throw jump is a move done by pair skaters. In a throw jump, the man will throw the lady in the air.
Also Known As: Throws
Twist lifts have some similarities to throw jumps but are not throw jumps. In a twist, the lady rotates and twists and then the man catches her on the waist and assists her with landing. The lady's landing in throw jumps is not assisted.

Types of throw jumps vary. Beginning pair skaters will do throw loop jumps or throw Axels. Advanced pair teams may do throw double axels, throw triple salchows, throw triple loops, and even throw triple axel jumps.

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