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Rocker Foxtrot


Rocker Foxtrot Mohawk

Rocker Foxtrot Mohawk

Painting Courtesy of Artist Larisa Gendernalik

The Rocker Foxtrot is an ice and roller skating compulsory dance. The steps of this dance are "set" in an actual pattern on the ice.


The Rocker Foxtrot gets its name because the woman does a turn called a rocker. The swing rocker done in the Rocker Foxtrot begins a bit like a forward outside three turn, but unlike a three turn, the backward exit is on an outside edge instead of an inside edge and continues on a differnt curve.

The mohawk sequence in the the Rocker Foxtrot is very difficult to do correctly. Sometimes partners can hit eachother's feet while doing the Rocker Foxtrot mohawk and unusual falls can occur.

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