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Landing Position

Landing Position

Painting Courtesy of Artist Larisa Gendernalik

Whenever a figure skater jumps in the air, he or she first takes off and then lands. Most jumps must be landed on one foot and on a clean back outside edge.

The landing begins with the bottom toe pick of the skate picking the ice; then, the blade glides onto a back outside edge and the skater extends his or her free leg.

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In figure skating, a skater must land a jump on one foot and hold the landing.

It is wrong to do cheated landings (where the skater lands going forward or sideways and turns backward on the ice). Landing on the flat of the blade first instead of the bottom toe pick is wrong.

In contrast, in artistic roller skating, landing on the toe stop is wrong, and a skater must land on all four wheels to receive credit for a clean landing.

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