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Check or Checking


A Figure Skater Checks the Landing of a Jump

A Figure Skater Checks the Landing of a Jump

Painting by Larisa Gendernalik

In figure skating, when a skater lands a jump or completes a turn, he or she checks the landing or checks the turn. Checking prevents the skater from continuing to turn or rotate once a jump or turn is completed.

Also Known As:

Checking the landing or checking a turn


Ice skaters can practice checking by pushing away from the rail in a landing position with the arms in an "L" position with the free leg stretched back. The skating knee should be bent, but the free leg should be extended with the foot turned out.

The checking of turns can be mastered by practicing two foot or one foot turns on a circle or in a straight line. As a skater turns from forward to backward or backward to forward he or she should pull the shoulders and arms across the body. This will help stop the turn from continuing to spin or rotate.

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