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It Was Determined that Mirai Nagasu

Some of Mirai Nagasu's Triple Jumps Were Downgraded to Doubles at the 2010 AT&T U,S. National Figure Skating Championships - It Was Determined that She "Cheated" Certain Jumps

Photo by Jeffrey Ufberg - Getty Images
Definition: A cheated figure skating jump is an under-rotated figure skating jump. When a figure skating jump is "cheated," a figure skater either begins or completes the rotation of a jump on the ice instead of in the air. The skater did not really "cheat;" he or she just didn't perform full rotations in the air.
Also Known As:

"He or she cheats jumps."
Cheated jumps
Under-rotated jumps

Under the current figure skating judging system, "cheated" ice skating jumps receive a downgrade penalty. A downgrade can greatly affect a figure skating competitor's score. Sometimes a fall on a fully-rotated jump received more credit than a "cheated" jump.

For example, some of Mirai Nagasu's triple jumps were downgraded to doubles at the 2010 AT&T U,S. National Figure Skating Championships. She attempted triples, but the technical specialists determined that her jumps were not fully rotated, which in figure skating terms means "cheated."

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