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Ice Skating Institute


A Young Recreational Figure Skater

A Young Recreational Figure Skater

Photo by Stanislav Tiplyashin - iStockphoto.com
Definition: ISI, Ice Skating Institute, is for recreational skaters. There are test levels and competitions that are rewarding for all participants. All skaters win medals, trophies, or ribbons at ISI events. There are freestyle, spotlight, interpretive, footwork, and other fun events at ISI competitions.
Also Known As: The Ice Skating Institute is usually called "ISI" by those in the ice skating world. The organization was originally called the Ice Skating Institute of America or ISIA.
There is an ISI Nationals and ISI Worlds that anyone can take part in. Many ice skaters begin skating lessons in ISI programs and eventually move on to USFS programs as they become more serious about figure skating.
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