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icenetwork.com Logo

icenetwork.com Logo

Permission to Use icenetwork Logo Granted by Ramsey Baker, U.S. Figure Skating

Icenetwork.com is a web-based online subscription service that provides live and on-demand coverage of figure skating competitions and events. The icenetwork website also gives ice skating fans updates of figure skating news and information, and provides backstage interviews and articles. Icenetwork is a subsidiary of U.S. Figure Skating and has exclusive rights to U.S. Figure Skating's events.

Also Known As:



Ice Network

Common Misspellings: Icenetwork is NOT capitatlized.

Two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Nancy Kerrigan is one of icenetwork.com's broadcasters.

To view most of icenetwork's video programs, a yearly subscription must be purchased; however, most of the photos and articles on the site may be viewed free of charge.

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