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What to Expect At Your First Group Beginning Ice Skating Lesson


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Step One - Meet Your Teacher and Your Class
What to Expect At Your First Group Beginning Ice Skating Lesson

Meet Your Ice Skating Class

Copyright © Jo Ann Schneider Farris

On the first day of class, your ice skating instructor will gather all the students in the class together. In this photo, the skaters are already on the ice, but usually beginning ice skating classes meet off the ice at the rink's entry door.

Once the skating instructor gathers the skaters together, he or she might check all the students skates to see if they are tied up properly. Skaters are reminded to dress warmly and to wear gloves. Helmets are optional for all beginning ice skaters.

The instructor will sometimes take skaters through some off-ice exercises, but some instructors will immediately take the skating students towards the ice.

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