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What Skating Mothers Do


What Skate Moms Do
What Skate Moms Do

What Skate Moms Do

"Skate Moms" By Fernan E. Balsalubre
In February of 2012, photo collages appeared on Facebook and the internet that briefly shared about what people of all backgrounds do. Stereotypical ideas were shown in photos with different and short captions.

The captions said things like "What society thinks I do." Then, there were additional captions that made statements like " What my parents think I do," or "What my friends think I do." Most of the captions ended with "What I actually do."

This article explains the hidden messages in the figure skating collage "Skate Moms." The creator of the "Skate Moms" collage is figure skater Fernan E. Balsalubre.

"Skate Moms"

The "Skate Moms" photo collage shows what people think figure skating mothers are like. The photos are put together in such a way that generalizations are shown on what the public and others think "Skate Moms" are.

"What society thinks I do"

The first photo, which says, "What Society Thinks I Do," shows a photo from the movie classic "Mommie Dearest." Mommie Dearest is the story of the abusive life of Christina Crawford and her brother, Christopher. Their adoptive mother, actress Joan Crawford, behind closed doors, treated her children very badly. Hopefully, the general public does not really think that figure skating mothers are anything like Joan Crawford.

"What non-skating friends think I do"

The second photo shows money being burned in "What non-skating friends think I do." Yes, those who don't skate or know about figure skating do not understand the reason that figure skating parents spend so much money on their children. Figure skating is very expensive.

"What kids think I do"

The next photo shows a sign that says "Bank of Mom - Where Money Grows On Trees." Yes, children don't worry about where the money comes from that pays for their passion for figure skating. Yes, the mentality in figure skating is that Mom has unlimited funds.

In reality, most figure skating parents work very hard to finance a child's figure skating dreams. It is common to hear of a father having two jobs and for a mother to do the same thing.

In recent years, most young figure skaters do know that money does not "grow on trees."

"What other skate moms think I do"

The fourth photo shows a mother doing her child's hair. Yes, figure skating mothers learn how to do many things at once. Almost all skating moms can "do hair."

"What other skaters think I do"

In the fifth photo, Surya Bonaly's mother coaches her from the rail. Most skating parents do not coach their children, but once in awhile they do. Surya Bonaly's mother did coach her daughter and that did cause some controversy.

"What I really do"

The final photo in this "Skating Moms" series shows what skating parents really do. They love their children and devote themselves completely to their children. Skating parents want their children to be happy. This photo shows Jo Ann Schneider Farris, About.com's Guide to Figure Skating, smiling with her family at a figure skating competition. There are two more photos of a mother hugging and loving her child.

All figure skating parents should remember that being a "Skating Mom" means being a loving parent with the goal of figure skating participation producing happiness. This last photo shows that being a figure skating parent can and should be a positive thing.

What does a skating mother really do?:

  • Most figure skating mothers love their children and will go over and above for their sons and daughters.
  • Figure skating mothers are committed to their children.
  • Skating mothers sacrifice much for their children, not only emotionally, but financially.

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