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The Rink: It's Where I Belong


The rink: It's where I belong
The Rink: It's Where I Belong

The Rink: It's Where I Belong

Photo Courtesy Everything Figure Skating
The rink
A place where I have laughed
But also cried
Had my biggest successes
And my biggest failures
It's where I belong

Note: Permission to use the above poem and photo has been generously granted by Everything Figure Skating.

A skating rink can be a figure skater's second home:

There are indoor ice skating rinks all over the world. Every arena is slightly different, but what goes on inside of any ice rink, is about the same. A Zamboni cleans the ice several times a day. Figure skaters practice at an ice rink daily, and hockey players use the facility too. Most rinks also have some public skating.

For a serious figure skater, an ice rink can definitely feel like a second home because a rink is the place where a skater will spend three to five hours a day. For some skaters, a rink may be the only place where they feel free of burdens.

A skating rink can bring much happiness into one's life:

Laughter definitely takes place at skating rinks. Ice skating is fun and brings smiles and joy. Also, friendships are made inside ice arena doors. Funny things sometimes happen on the ice. Even falling on the ice can cause some laughter.

A skating rink can also cause tears:

Young children may be very anxious and excited the first time they try ice skating, but after their first fall, tears may occur. In fact, children of all ages, may cry when they fall hard or unexpectantly on the ice, but most skaters soon accept that falling is part of of figure skating and if they skate, they are going to fall.

Even the very best figure skaters may fall and cry after a fall on the ice. Sometimes tears occur at an ice rink when a skater doesn't pass a skating test or doesn't do well in a skating competition.

A skating rink can bring success to one's life:

Figure skating is challenging and even the smallest improvement brings happiness and success. For example, there is nothing like watching a child's face as they attempt their first two foot spin on the ice, or an adult skater's happiness when they successfully do forward crossovers or backward crossovers.

The day a young skater finally lands an Axel can be a day of celebration. Eventually a day may come where the same skater celebrates when he or she lands a triple jump.

Test days can also be days of success. After working hard for many months, the feeling of passing a skating test means success in the sport has been recognized and attained. A wonderful day of celebration and success happens on the day a skater passes a senior level test and becomes a US Figure Skating Gold Medalist.

Sometimes a skating rink can be a place where a skater will feel he or she has failed:

US Figure Skating's test forms no longer say "fail," they say "retry," but it is true that there is a feeling of failure when a skater doesn't pass a test. A feeling of failure can also happen when a competition doesn't go well. Under the new IJS International Judging System, if a certain move is not done correctly, no credit will be given for that move when a skater is scored. When that happens, many times, a skater may feel he or she has failed.

A skating rink is truly a place where a skater belongs:

Something keeps drawing everyone who loves figure skating back to the rink. Even those who are away from the sport for awhile, eventually come back in some capacity. There's nothing like the feeling of gliding on the ice. Also, those who skate, are almost magically linked in some way.
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