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Figure Skating and Gymnastics - Similarities Between the Two Sports


Qing Pang and Jian Tong of China Show the Similarities Between Figure Skating and Gymnastics

Qing Pang and Jian Tong of China Show the Similarities Between Figure Skating and Gymnastics

Photo by Jamie McDonald - Getty Images
There are some things that are similar about gymnastics and figure skating. This short article compares the two sports.

Similarities between the two sports include:

  • Both gymnastics and figure skating involve much dedication, sacrifice, and hard work.

  • Most gymnasts and figure skaters, at the elite level, begin their sports when they are quite young.

  • Gymnastics and figure skating are two of the most popular spectator sports that fans watch during the Olympics.

  • Both sports have new scoring systems that seem to be hard for spectators to understand. (Gymnasts miss the "Perfect 10" and figure skaters miss the "Perfect 6.0.")

  • Little girls everywhere have dreams of being gymnastic champions or figure skating champions.

  • Elite figure skaters and gymnasts leave their homes and families to train at figure skating training centers or gyms with coaches that can make them the best at their sport.

  • Winning an women's all-around gymnastic Olympic title or a women's Olympic figure skating title may make an individual a household name and legend.

  • Figure skating dresses are really fancy leotards with short skirts attached, but most people will admit that the clothes figure skaters wear in competition are much more elaborate than gymnastic competition apparel.

  • Both gymnasts and figure skaters must be slim and trim.

  • Gymnasts and figure skaters must make sure their hair is pulled back and away from their faces.

  • Both sports have progressively become more athletic.

  • Figure skating has enthusiastic commentators like Scott Hamilton and Dick Button; gymnastics now has Bela Karolyi jumping up and down behind the scenes.

  • Olympic dreams for both figure skaters and gymnasts begin at a very young age.

  • Both figure skating moves and gymnastic moves have to be mastered not only with technical perfection, but also with grace and artistry. When difficult moves are performed, they need to look easy.

  • Figure skaters and gymnasts perform as if they are on stage.

  • On the international level, competitors must be a certain age to be eligible to compete.

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