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Enjoy Figure Skating Year Round in Sun Valley, Idaho


Sun Valley Ice Skating 1945

Skaters Herman Maricich, Jane and Jean Coulter leap into the air on the artificial ice-rink at Sun Valley, Idaho, 22nd July 1945

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Sun Valley is a Figure Skater's Dream:

There are two ice sheets in Sun Valley. One rink is indoors and the other rink is outdoors, and much of the ice time in Sun Valley is devoted to figure skating. Ice skaters who visit Sun Valley describe the experience of skating there as magical and amazing, and it has been said that it seems that everyone that visits or lives in Sun Valley is "super fit." Sun Valley is a place where figure skaters of all ages can experience a healthy lifestyle.

Year-Round Outdoor Ice Skating:

Sun Valley's outdoor ice rink is one of the few outdoor ice rinks in the world that is open year-round. The outdoor arena is one of the reasons so many figure skaters come to Sun Valley during the summer. Public ice skating on that outdoor ice arena is one of Sun Valley's main attractions.

Lessons for Everyone:

Skaters of all levels can enjoy ice skating instruction in Sun Valley. Lessons are available for beginners, children, adults, and very advanced figure skaters.

Summer Ice Shows:

Every summer, on Saturday nights, international, national, and local figure skaters entertain audiences in The Sun Valley Summer Ice Show. Some of the skaters who have performed in Sun Valley include 2010 Olympic Figure Skating Champion Evan Lysacek. Many, many of the best skaters figure skaters in the United States have guest starred in the show. Figure skating coach, Gia Guddat, is known for her creative choreography and is the show's choreographer.

Ice Hockey:

Youth, adult, and women's ice hockey opportunities are available at Sun Valley's indoor ice arena. Pick up hockey and ice hockey clinics are also available to local residents and visitors.

Test and Competition Opportunities:

Every summer, figure skaters come to Sun Valley for the Sun Valley Summer Championships. The Sun Valley Winter Games takes place in February. In addition, the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club sponsors regular test sessions.

Ice Dancing:

Ice dancers enjoy skating on the outdoor ice surface every day around noon during the summers in Sun Valley. On social ice-dance sessions, different ages and abilities skate together in a social setting. Once in awhile, a coach will lead skaters in a group and teach them a pattern dance, or the coaches will demonstrate a really difficult ice dance. Also, there are outdoor evening ice dance sessions. Participants can sign up in advance to do different dances with ice-dance coaches for $2.00 per dance.

Olympian, Lisa-Marie Allen, lives in Sun Valley. She was a single skater as an Olympian, but earned a gold medal in ice dancing in Sun Valley. She is often seen skating on Sun Valley's social ice-dance sessions.

Adult Summer Skating Camp:

Every summer, adult figure skaters from all over the USA congregate in Sun Valley for a summer skating camp. The skaters who participate comment that they especially enjoy that skating friendships they make at the camp. The adult figure skaters who come to that camp every summer say that the fresh air in Sun Valley is "magical" and that they leave Sun Valley feeling renewed and refreshed. Participants take part freestyle, ice dance, pair skating, choreography, coffee clubs, and in group clinics. Private lessons are available and skaters also enjoy skating on both the indoor and outdoor ice sheets.

Special Summer Classes for Figure Skaters:

Some of the special skating classes available to skaters in the summer include:

  • Art of the Edge - taught by Lisa-Marie Allen
  • Theater on Ice (with Props) - taught by Gia Guddat
  • Spins - outside ice - taught by Craig Heath
  • Various workshops taught by the stars who come in for the Saturday night shows
  • Stroking/power - taught by Judy Blumberg and Natalia Irvine
  • And many more classes...

Resident and Guest Coaches:

Some of Sun Valley's figure skating coaches include figure skating Olympians Lisa Marie Allen and Judy Blumberg.

Visiting and guest coaches come to Sun Valley every year. For example, during the summer of 2012, John A.W. Nicks, came to Sun Valley and gave seminars geared for both youth and adult figure skaters. The seminar covered jumps, spins, footwork, and choreography.

Sun Valley History:

The Sun Valley resort opened in 1936, and has been called by some as the "American Shangri-La." The name "Sun Valley" came from the idea that it is a place that gets about 250 days of sunshine a year.

Many celebrities have visited Sun Valley, and people from all over the globe come to Sun Valley to ski, hike, skate, play tennis, or ride bikes. Many movies have been filmed in Sun Valley including 1939's "Sun Valley Serenade" starring Olympic Figure Skating Champion and ice skating legend, Sonja Henie.

Memories of Sun Valley:

Patricia Gans, the mother of Haley Rose Gans, who was a young figure skater that died tragically in a skiing accident in 2009, remembers the following about her daughter's love of Sun Valley:

"Haley loved to skate in Sun Valley and had so many special special times there. In The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis describes the rule of the White Witch in Narnia as "it was always winter but never Christmas." Well, Haley used to say in Sun Valley it was always Christmas until it was Easter. I think that meant it was always wonderful."

More About Sun Valley:

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