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Why Should Skaters Join a Figure Skating Club?


Regional Competitors From the Broadmoor Skating Club - 2008

Regional Competitors From the Broadmoor Skating Club - 2008

Photo Courtesy of the Broadmoor Skating Club
Question: Why Should Skaters Join a Figure Skating Club?
Beginning figure skaters do not have to join a figure skating club, but as a skater advances, there is a time when joining a figure skating club becomes necessary.

When skaters first begin lessons, they are usually provided with either a Basic Skills Membership in U.S. Figure Skating or with a membership in Ice Skating Institute. These memberships enable skaters to participate in basic skills and recreational competitions, participate in skating school exhibitions and shows, and take badge achievement tests.

Full membership in U.S. Figure Skating is required to take tests beyond the basic skills and to participate in competitions beyond the recreational level.

Skaters usually join U.S. Figure Skating through a figure skating club. Membership in a figure skating club includes U.S. Figure Skating full membership. Skaters can be members of U.S. Figure Skating as individuals, but most skaters join through a skating club.

Once a skater is ready to take official U.S. Figure Skating tests or compete in competitions beyond the Basic Skills level, it is time to join a figure skating club.

Most figure skating clubs will sponsor test sessions, and some clubs hold shows and exhibitions, provide judging critiques, and host competitions.

Being a member of a club gives skaters a chance to participate in many skating related activities.

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