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Before You Skate in the Summer


Figure Skating Is a Great Way To Beat the Summer Heat

Figure Skating Is a Great Way To Beat the Summer Heat

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Summer is a great time to put in extra hours on the ice. Most ice arenas set up summer skating programs that will keep figure skaters cool and busy. Some facilities offer special figure skating classes and off-ice classes for skaters.

Group and Private Skating Lessons:

Group skating lessons cover many figure skating basics and are a good way to get started in the sport. Summer is an excellent time to take a series of group ice skating lessons. Group lessons are not just for beginners. Many facilities offer group classes for intermediate and advanced figure skaters.

Summer is a good time to give private skating instruction a try. Many figure skating coaches have extra private lesson time available during the summer months.

Public Skating Sessions:

Most ice arenas hold public skating sessions daily during the summer. Many figure skaters use open and public skating time to get in extra hours of practice during the summer months.

Figure Skating Day Camps:

Some ice arenas offer week-long full-day or half-day figure skating specialty camps. Some of these camps concentrate on teaching skaters basic ice skating skills, while other skating day camps concentrate on helping figure skaters learn ice dancing, choreography, or mastering jumps and spins.

Figure Skating Training Centers Summer Skating Programs:

Many week-long, overnight, and day camps for ice skaters are available at figure skating training centers throughout the United States.

Freestyle Practice Sessions:

A freestyle session is a forty-five minute to one hour figure skating practice session. Freestyles are different than public skating sessions. Usually a freestyle session costs much more than a public skating session and skaters must be able to skate at a freestyle level. This means that freestyle sessions usually don't have beginning ice skaters on them.

Most advanced figure skaters practice on freestyles. During the summer, many figure skaters skate and practice on two to four freestyle sessions daily. Summer is an excellent time to get in extra freestyle time.

Summer Ice Dance Weekends:

Ice dancers in the United States and Canada get together at various times during the summer for ice dance weekends. An entire weekend is spent dancing on and off the ice. Most ice dance weekends include group instruction or workshops.

Summer Skating Competitions:

Many figure skating competitions are held in the summer. Some events are for beginning ice skaters. Other figure skating competitive events are for intermediate and advanced skaters. Some summer skating competitions attract competitive skaters from all of the United States and Canada.

Summer Ice Skating Shows, Exhibitions, and Recitals:

Many rinks and skating clubs offer chances for figure skaters to participate in summer ice skating shows, exhibitions, and recitals.

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