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How to Do a Right Forward Outside Bracket Figure Skating Turn


Diagram of a Figure Skating Bracket Turn

Diagram of a Figure Skating Bracket Turn

Drawing Courtesy of FSRI Staff
A bracket is a one foot figure skating turn that is similar to a three turn, but bracket turns are counter-rotated. The turn can be done from forward to backward or backward to forward and can be done from either an outside edge entry to an inside edge exit, or from an inside edge entry to an outside edge exit.

When a skater does a bracket turn, he or she should think of a bracket being the opposite of a three turn. A three turn rotates in the natural direction of a curve, while a bracket rotates in the opposite and unnatural direction. A forward bracket turn, like a three turn, is done on the forward part of the blade.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: Mastering a forward bracket turn will not take long if a figure skater can skate on good edges and is confident with turning around on one foot.

Here's How:

  1. Push on to a right forward outside edge with the right shoulder leading with the free foot placed just behind the skating foot.
  2. Next, move and rotate the arms in the opposite direction of the curve. Keep the free shoulder back as the arms rotate.
  3. The bracket turn's tracing on the ice points out and therefore will not make a "3" pattern tracing on the ice like the three turn. In order to make that pointed out tracing, the skater should put weight on the front of the skate as he or she turns from the forward outside edge to the back inside edge. Once the turn is made, the free leg can go from behind the heel of the skating foot to the front or can be left behind the heel.
  4. When the skater exits the turn, his or her arms should change. The right arm and shoulder should pull to the back and follow the direction of the right back inside edge exit while the left arm should and hand be held way in front.


  1. A skater must stay on the outside edge until the very top of the turn.
  2. The "shoulders" of the turn, that is the tracing on both sides of the pointed tip of the turn, should be lined up with one another.
  3. A "clean" bracket turn's tracing on the ice will cross at the very top of the turn at the tip.
  4. Lift the free hip up slightly before and after making the bracket turn.
  5. When practicing brackets on half circles, the turn should be made at the very top of the half circle.
  6. It is possible to do bracket turns on a straight line in addition to doing them on curved half circles.
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