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How To Do a Snowplow Stop


How To Do a Snowplow Stop

This is the way your feet should look after you complete a snowplow stop.

Photo Courtesy of Rebekah Schneider Farris
Stopping on the ice is essential for every figure skater. This is the first and easiest stop a skater must master. The snowplow stop can be done with one or with both feet. Many beginning skaters find doing a one-foot snowplow stop is easier than doing a two foot snowplow stop.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: This task takes approximately one minute to complete.

Here's How:

  1. Understand that the blade has edges, both outside and inside. This stop must be done on the flat of the blade (the very center of the blade).

  2. Practice at the rail. Push the flat of the blade out to scrape the ice while holding onto the rail.

  3. Move away from the rail and slowly glide on two feet.

  4. Push one foot out by pressing on a flat. There should be some friction on the ice and snow should form.

  5. Bend knees.

  6. Come to a complete stop.

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