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How To Do a One Foot Glide on Ice Skates


One-Foot Glide

One-Foot Glide

Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris
Gliding on one foot on ice skates is a basic figure skating move that all figure skaters must learn and master.

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Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: The time it takes to master this skill will vary from skater to skater.

Here's How:

  1. Glide on two feet first.

  2. Transfer your weight to the foot you want to stand on as you glide.

  3. Lift up the other foot while gliding on an edge.

  4. Hold the one-foot glide for a distance equal to your height.


  1. Don’t swing your arms around.

  2. Don't lift up the leg too high.

  3. Pull in the stomach muscles.

  4. Make sure you skate on an edge since gliding on the ice does not work if the blade is on a flat.

  5. Lift the free hip up slightly.

What You Need

  • Ice skates
  • Gloves
  • Warm clothing
  • An ice rink
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