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How To Fall and Get Up on Figure Skates


Falling Is Fun!

Falling Is Fun!

Photo by Gary Pearl - Getty Images
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: The time required for this task will depend on the individual skater.

Here's How:

  1. If you anticipate that you are about to fall, bend your knees and squat into a dip position.

  2. Now, fall to the side and lean a bit forward as you fall on the ice. Don't lean back, or you may hit your head.

  3. Put your hands in your lap and not on the ice. If you leave your hands on the ice, another skater could skate over your fingers!

  4. Now, turn over on your hands and knees.

  5. Take one foot and place it between your hands. Then take the other foot and place it between your hands. Use your toe picks to stop your feet from sliding by applying pressure to your toes.

  6. Now, push yourself up and you should be standing on the ice!


  1. Some skaters get up by putting one skate between the hands; the next step is to place the hands on the knee of that leg. Then, push down on that knee with the hands to stand up.

    This method works better for some figure skaters. Roller figure skaters always use this method.

  2. Get up quickly.

    Do the skating move you fell on right away. This will help you get through any fear of the skating move you fell on. Be prepared to fall again.

  3. If you get hurt after a fall, try to get off the ice as quickly as possible.

    If other skaters are nearby, allow them to help you get off the ice. Get the rink's management to help with first aid if needed.

  4. Don't lay on the ice.

  5. Parents should explain to their children to not cry after a fall.

    Figure skaters must learn to not show emotion after every single skating fall.

What You Need

  • Figure Skates
  • Gloves

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